12v 4mm Motor Kit with Powerpoles

12v 4mm DC motor with a built in encoder, encoder wire, and Anderson Powerpoles. Mounting bracket included.
SKU: 50-0119

The Modern Robotics Motors have planetary gearboxes to reduce wear and tear. Broken teeth are now a thing of the past. Encoders are built in to the motor housing for protection. Encoder cables come with the motor. Shielding protects the encoder and power cables form damage. Motors come with Anderson Powerpole installed on the power cable so you can plug and play.

No Load Output Speed   140-190 rpm
Gear Ratio   52.8:1
Stall Torque   33.3 kg-cm
Continuous Torque   30 kg-cm
Encoder Resolution   1478.4 ticks per
output shaft revolution
Shaft Diameter   4mm
Shaft Length   28mm
   Planetary gearbox



ThumbnailPart DescriptionQuantity
12v Motor with built-in encoder 1
Motor plate - double flanged 1
6mm M3 button head cap screw 4

4mm spacer - molded 1
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