Color Beacon

Use this bright I2C device to light up with user feedback or identify a team color.
SKU: 45-2019

The Color Beacon illuminates one of seven colors or any custom color based on 8-bit RGB values. That's 16,777,216 colors! The beacon can also indicate RED/BLUE team colors with the use of a magnet. Simply hold a magnet over the Hall Effect sensor on the left side of the beacon to change between RED, BLUE, and normal operating mode. There is no code or setup needed to operate as a team indicator. 

Note that this product is NOT legal in the Velocity Vortex FTC game.

Programmable Red/Blue by Magnet


Android Studio Example Program

You will need both of the below files in the same program folder.

Android Studio Class    --Driver/Class

Android Studio Class     --Example Program

Spartan Programming Resources

LED Brightness: 840 Red 1680 Green 420 Blue mcd (millicandela)
Sensor Type:
Four Wire I2C Sensor
Default I2C Address: 0x4c
Dimensions: 56 x 32 x 31 millimeters
Mounting Holes: 48 x 24 millimeters
Power: 5 volts DC, 50 mA max.
Signal Logic Levels: Logic 0 – 0 volts, Logic 1 – 5 volts
I2C Bus Speed: 100kHz max
I2C Address Change Option: yes


Sensor Documentation

All the information you need about
Modern Robotics Sensors in one document.

PDF File

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