Core Legacy Module

The Modern Robotics Core Legacy Module provides a way to connect LEGO® and HiTechnic® sensors and components designed for the LEGO NXT to an Android or PC based system. The Legacy Module has 6 LEGO style NXT compatible ports for connecting NXT compatible devices.
SKU: AUL3025

The Modern Robotics Core Legacy Module provides backward compatibility to enable LEGO NXT devices to connect to an Android device or a PC via a USB connection.  Legacy Module has six (6) ports and virtually any combination of devices can be connected to the module.

The Legacy module firmware supports all NXT LEGO sensors, HiTechnic sensors, Matrix controllers as well as the HiTechnic Tetrix motor and servo controllers. 

An Android App or PC user program can read and write each device separately and by utilizing the speed of the USB connection, a program can read all 6 ports at once. 

The Legacy Module is powered from the USB connection.

Each Legacy Module port can operate in digital as well as analog modes. In digital mode, legacy connector pins 5 and 6 can be set to logic 0 or logic 1.
In analog mode, the voltage on legacy connector pin 1 is measured using a 10 bit analog to digital converter. Additionally, pins 5 and 6 can be set to logic 0 or logic 1 for control of the attached device, such as a LEGO light sensor which uses pin 5 to turn the sensor LED on and off.

In I2C mode, legacy connector pins 5 and 6 are used to communicate with I2C devices in accordance with the LEGO interpretation of I2C. Ports 4 and 5 can additionally be switched into pin 1 9v supply mode to permit LEGO ultrasonic range sensors to be used.

What's Included

1 Core Legacy Module
1 USB Cable - USB A to mini



5 volts DC. 200 mA max.

Individual port power

20 mA max.

Supported Devices

LEGO NXT sensors, HiTechnic NXT sensors and controllers.

Number of ports


USB 5v current consumption

200 mA max.

USB compatibility

USB 1.0, USB 2.0

Required USB driver


USB connection method


USB connector

USB mini, pin 5 (+5v connection).

Port control modes

Analog and digital, with pin 1 9v option on ports 4 and 5


I2C with maximum 27 byte data buffer per port

Legacy connector

Pin 1 – analog input, pins 2 and 3 – Gnd, pin 4 – 4.3v supply,
pin 5 – digital 0 or I2C SCL, pin 5 – digital 1 or I2C SDA.

Unit dimensions – LxWxH

72 x 73 x 23 millimeters

Unit weight

53 grams


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