Core Motor Controller

The Core Motor Controller has two motor channels to connect and control two 9 - 15 volt DC motors, with optional encoders.
SKU: AUM3020

The Core Motor Controller has two motor channels to connect two 9 – 15 volt DC motors. Through the Motor Controller functions you can control the speed and direction of each motor. Each motor channel port has an encoder port for motors equipped with encoders.

The Core Motor Controller is powered by the Core Power Distribution Module using the supplied power cable and communications with the Android device is via USB.

The Motor Controller has three modes for motor control and each channel can be independently controlled from the user program. The three modes of operation are;

  • Run with controlled power – Set the motor speed and direction.
  • Run at constant speed – Set a desired motor speed and the controller will maintain that speed, even if there is a change of load on the motor.
  • Run to Position – Set a desired encoder position and the controller will move the motor until the target position is reached and then it will maintain that motor position.

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Other control options include setting a motor direction for cases where you have a motor on each side of a robot that need one to rotate in the reverse direction but still refer in your code to both motors rotating "forward".


What's Included

1 Core Motor Controller
1 USB Cable - USB A to mini
1 Powerpole Power Cable

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Mode Comparrisons


9 – 15 volts DC. 10 amps max.
Motor power
9 – 15 volts DC. 5 amps max.
Motor encoder
Two phase, 5 volts DC, 50Ma max.
Recommended motor
Matrix 12v motor
Number of motors
2 max.
USB 5v current consumption
20 mA max.
USB compatibility
USB 1.0, USB 2.0
Required USB driver
USB connection method
Optically isolated
USB connector
USB mini, pin 5 (+5v connection)
Motor control modes
Constant power -100% – +100%
Constant speed -100% – +100%
Run with constant speed to target position (32 bit value)
Choice of float or brake at 0% power
Reset current encoder value
Battery voltage monitoring
0 – 20 volts with 20mV resolution
Encoder logic levels
Logic 0 – 0 volts, Logic 1 – 5 volts
Encoder input configuration
Pull-up 4.7k ohm to 5 volts, 4.7k ohm current limit
Encoder pin header
Pin1 – PHB, Pin 2 – Gnd, Pin 3 – PHA, Pin 4 +5v
Unit dimensions – LxWxH
72 x 88 x 24 millimeters
Unit weight
67 grams
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