Core Servo Controller

The Core Servo Controller has a USB interface with 6 ports to drive up to 6 servos.
SKU: AUS3015

The Core Servo Controller has six (6) servo ports to connect 6 volt digital servos. The position of each servo can be independently set and once set the servo will move to the desired position.

What's Included

1 Core Servo Controller
1 USB Cable - USB A to mini
1 Powerpole Power Cable


9 – 15 volts DC. 4 amps max.
Total servo power limit -continuous
6 volts DC.   5A
Total servo power limit - peak
6 volts DC.   6A 
Recommended servo
Matrix digital servo
Number of servos
6 max.
USB 5v current consumption
20 mA max.
USB compatibility
USB 1.0, USB 2.0
Required USB driver
USB connection method
Optically isolated
USB connector
USB mini, pin 5 (+5v connection) used for FT232R chip only.
Servo control modes
Set target position (8 bit value)
Servo logic levels
Logic 0 – 0 volts, Logic 1 – 5 volts
Servo pulse current limit
470 ohm resistor
Servo pin header
Pin1 – Gnd, Pin 2 – +6v, Pin 3 – Control pulse
Unit dimensions – LxWxH
72 x 88 x 24 millimeters
Unit weight
70 grams

Servo Controller Lessons and Activities

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