Core Spartan Controller Kit

The Spartan Controller is a compact Arduino compatible robot controller with 26 ports.
SKU: 52-2001

The Core Spartan Controller makes it easy to connect, control, and program your robot with the use of the Arduino IDE. The Core Spartan Controller is designed to control sensors, servos and motors. The Core Spartan Library must be installed on your computer to have access to all the available functions that are used in controlling the Core Spartan Controller and its sensors. The board’s primary use is with the Spartan Robot; however, it can be used as a standalone microcontroller. There are twelve digital ports, four analog ports and four I2C ports for use with external sensors. The Core Spartan Controller also supports DC motors and servos by providing two motor ports and four servo ports. The Core Spartan Controller can be powered by USB for processing and sensors. The main power supply is a 6V 2200mAh NiMH rechargeable battery that can power the board, sensors, servos and motors.

The Spartan Controller Kit contains 1 x Spartan controller and 1 x USB Cable (150 cm).



Open Spartan Documentation

Programming Resource for how to use the Spartan Controller and sensors.

PDF File


- 12 Digital Ports  - 2 Digital LEDs - 4 Analog Ports - 4 I2C Ports (1 I2C Bus) - 4 Servo Ports - 2 DC Motor Ports  - 1 Battery Port - 1 Battery Charger Port - 1 Reset Button - 1 Power Switch 

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