Firmware Update

Update your Core Control Modules to the latest firmware. Applies to Motor Controller, Servo Controller, Device Interface, and Legacy Module.
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The Modern Robotics firmware update program enables you to send us your USB modules and we will update them to the latest V2.0 firmware.  (released April 2016).  As part of the update process we will reprogram and test all the ports and functionality of each module to ensure it is operating correctly. Your modules’ current firmware version can be checked using Core Device Discovery.

We invite you to also send your Power Distribution Modules for a free check. There is not a firmware update for the Power Distribution Module but we will test the module to ensure all components are working optimally.  If we find the Power Distribution Module requires repairing, we will contact you before performing the repairs if it is out of warranty. See the Module Repair Service Form for more information.

Return shipping is included for United States and Canada via USPS Priority Mail regardless of which shipping option is selected during checkout.

For other countries, contact

Firmware details:

Version is V2.0. Your modules' firmware version can be found using the Core Device Discovery tool.

New features;

  • Field upgradable firmware - Version 2.0 allows modules to be upgraded with future firmware releases from your PC or MAC at home.
  • Servo Controller - Advanced user function to allow selection of the servo range.  Each servo controller channel can be set to standard range or extended range varying the travel limits for each servo.
  • Motor Controller - Select the DC motor type for each motor port to set the control loop parameters to run each type of motor at maximum efficiency.  The selections available in V2.0 are for Matrix, NeveRest, and Tetrix motors.
  • These new features are available now through the latest Core Device Discovery app for Windows.

Service Applies to the following modules:

  • Core Motor Controller
  • Core Servo Controller
  • Core Device Interface
  • Core Legacy Module


Service Cost:

Service cost depends on the total number of modules excluding Power Distribution Modules. If more Power Distribution Modules are recieved then other modules combined, the additional Power Distirbution Modules will count in the quantity below.

Cost per module


Payment is due after modules are received and updated by Modern Robotics. You will receive a link by email for payment.

Service Includes:

  • Reprogram Module
  • Functional Test
  • USPS return shipping to customers in the US and Canada


Module Repair Service

If you have one or more modules with damaged USB ports or one or more Power Distribution Modules with only one LED illuminating, please use the module repair service form linked below. These services can be mailed together.

To use this service:

  1. Complete the form below and include it with the modules you are sending to the address listed on the form. We suggest USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground with tracking. Keep the tracking number for your records. You are responsible for shipping to Modern Robotics.
  2. We will email you when your modules are updated. This email will include instructions on paying for the updates. The time to complete the updates depends on current backlog. We aim to complete updates and ship modules back within a week of receiving them.
  3. Your modules will be mailed to the mailing address selected during checkout using USPS priority mail (3-4 days in continental US) after the payment is processed regardless of shiping method chosen at checkout.

Fill in the form below and click Submit. The paper to include with your modules will download or open upon submission.

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