Infrared Electronic Ball

This IR Ball can be detected by the IR Seeker and IR Locator to create a great game of robot soccer or simply use it as an IR beacon.
SKU: IRB1005

The Infrared Electronic Ball, with four operating modes, is perfect for playing robot soccer or for as an infrared beacon for your robot to find. The well-balanced ball contains 20 infrared LEDs giving full signal coverage. The IRB1005 can also be switched to operate in un-modulated (no pulse) mode, or trapezoidal mode as used with Robocup Jr competitions, or one of two modes, 1200Hz and 600Hz, provide added flexibility. Detection ranges up to 5 meters or more (15+ feet). The pulse-modulated IR signals make the Infrared Electronic Ball easier to detect in difficult background lighting conditions. The pulsed modes increase usable range and battery life. A perfect companion for the IR Seeker with its selectable modes tuned to the IRBall signals. The IRB1005 is 75mm (~ 3 inches) in diameter and requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).


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