IR Locator 360

The IR Locator detects the direction of IR light in every direction around the robot at a resolution of ±5°. Great for use with the IR Beacon and IR Ball.
SKU: 45-2009

The IR Locator has four IR detectors facing forward, back, left, and right. The IR intensity recieved by each of these sensors allows the on-board processor (or PIC) to calculate the direction of the IR Light source to within 5 degrees. The IR Locator can be set to read 1200 or 600Hz IR Light.

Sensor Type: Four Wire I2C Sensor

Default 8-bit I2C Address: 0x1C

Arduino 7-bit I2C Address: 0x0E


Android Studio:  MRI_Locator_I2C for SDK 2.x

Spartan: See Spartan Examples

Register Function
0x04 1200 Hz Heading in 5° increments
0x05 1200 Hz Signal Strength
0x06 600 Hz Heading in 5° increments
0x07     600 Hz Signal Strength

The heading value is returned in 5 degree incriments from 0 to 71. If an object were to circle the sensor in a clockwise direction, the value of degrees will increase. If the object were to circle in a counter clockwise direction, the value of the heading will decrease.


Sensor Documentation

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