Range Sensor

The Modern Robotics Range Sensor measures distances from 1cm to 255cm. The Range Sensor combines an ultrasonic sensor to detect objects from approximately 5cm to 255 cm and an optical sensor to detect objects closer than 5cm.
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The Range Sensor combines ultrasonic and optical measuring elements to obtain a reading between 1cm and 255cm. The ultrasonic accurately measures the distance to a target up to 255cm away, but it losses accuracy if the object is closer than 5cm. This is where the optical sensor comes into play as it can measure from 1cm out to about 7cm. The target shape and surface material will influence to the detectable range.  


Range Gif

Default I2C Address = 0x28

Arduino I2C Address = 0x14


Android Studio Code Example

Download and then drag and drop the below example program into your TeamCode opmodes folder in Android Studio using FTC SDK 2.x Beta.

Android Studio Class MRI_Range.java

Android Studio Class MRI_Range_Linear.java

Android Studio Class MRI_Range_Sensors.java

Also see SensorMRRangeSensor example in SDK 2.2 and higher.

I2C Registers

Firmware Version
Manufacturer Code
Sensor ID
Ultrasonic Distance Reading (cm)
Optical Distance Reading



5 volts DC. 20 mA max.
Standard 4 pin connector
For connection to 4 pin I2C port
Logic voltage levels
Logic 0 – 0 volts, Logic 1 – 5 volts
Wiring standard
Pin 1 – black – Gnd
Pin 2 – white – I2C SCL
Pin 3 – yellow – I2C SDA 
Pin 4 – red – +5v
I2C address
I2C address change option
I2C bus speed
100KHz max.
Unit dimensions – LxWxH
56 x 32 x 17 millimeters
Mounting holes
48 x 24 millimeters rectangularpattern
Unit weight
44 grams
Wire length
25 centimeters


Sensor Documentation

All the information you need about
Modern Robotics Sensors in one document.

PDF File

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