Spartan Base Kit

The Spartan Robot Kit contains everything needed to build a working robot, including an Arduino compatible controller, motors, sensors and software.
SKU: 97-3000
Arduino Compatible Wide Range of Intelligent Sensors Easy to Program in C
Extensive Metal Building System Custom Libraries Windows & Mac
Quick and Easy to Build Documentation and Tutorials Analog, Digital, and I2C ports



The Spartan Base Kit contains everything needed to build your robot and get it moving in its environment. This kit includes the powerful Core Spartan Controller, two Optical Distance Sensors, one Touch Sensor, one Program Control Button, two motors, two wheels with rubber tread, a caster wheel, rechargeable battery, battery charger, building components, and the tools to put it all together. All the programming tools, specialized Spartan programming libraries and software needed to create an Arduino development environment can be downloaded free and then you are ready to create and learn using the amazing Modern Robotics Spartan robot.


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Core Spartan Controller

A single, compact, protected controller can operate up to four Analog sensors, four I2C sensors, four servos, 12 digital sensors, and two motors. The Spartan Controller has Arduino on board for a mature and intelligent programming environment. 



All Modern Robotics sensors are compatible with the Core Spartan Controller. The base kit comes with the following:

2 Optical Distance Sensors - used to detect the distance to an object or the intensity of reflected light.
1 Touch Sensor - used to detect when the robot touches something.
1 Program Control Button (PCB) - pictured on the right, this sensor starts and stops programs.


Motors and Wheels

Two DC motors with mounting brackets and high traction wheels will get your robot moving at up to 0.8ft/sec.


Rechargeable Battery

A 6V 2200mAh will outlast your classes for the day.


Building System

Spartan uses the Matrix Building system because of its comprehensive parts and flexible 8mm grid.



Spartan is all inclusive. All the tools needed are included in the base kit.

7mm solid-shaft metric nut driver
Two 25° ball driver lengths - 2mm & 2.5mm
One 1.5 mm hex driver
Two metric combination wrenches
Screw Driver



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