1601 SERIES 14mm OD Bearings (2 Pack)

Bearings with a 14mm OD that fit into the large holes in beams and also in the end of GO-RAIL to support axles. Available in different ID sizes to accommodate axle sizes from 4mm - 8mm.
SKU: 1601-0014-xxxx

1601-0014-0004 1601-0014-0005 1601-0014-0006 1601-0014-0008

1601-0014-0004 1601-0014-0005 1601-0014-0006 1601-0014-0008

Part Number Part Count Description
1601-0014-0004 2 1601 Series 4mm Bore x 14mm OD Bearing (2pk)
1601-0014-0005 2 1601 Series 5mm Bore x 14mm OD Bearing (2pk)
1601-0014-0006 2 1601 Series 6mm Bore x 14mm OD Bearing (2pk)
1601-0014-0008 2 1601 Series 8mm Bore x 14mm OD Bearing (2pk)

Master FTC Kit (2018 - 2019)


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To utilize goBILDA parts in an onShape assembly, select import on the top left. Then go to the “Other Documents” tab. Type “goBILDA Kit of Parts”. Notice that some individuals have copied the goBILDA repository. These repos will not contain as many parts as the main branch. From here you can search parts and assemblies in the part library by part number. Notice that some parts that are very similar (all the 1102s) are grouped in a drop-down menu.

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