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4003 Series Set Screw Universal Joint (6mm D-Bore to 6mm D-Bore)

4003 Series Set Screw Universal Joint (6mm D-Bore to 6mm D-Bore) This universal joint is specific to transferring rotational motion from one 6mm d-shaft to another. The D-profile, combined with a set-screw in each side, ensures the shafts won’t slip and the torque can be reliably transferred down the drivetrain of your robot.

1500 Series 1mm Thick Wall Plastic Spacer (12 Pack)

A spacer that can be placed under a bearing to keep it from rubbing on a beam or between a bearing and an axle clamp or hub. Available in a selection of sizes.

1601 SERIES 14mm OD Bearings (2 Pack)

Bearings with a 14mm OD that fit into the large holes in beams and also in the end of GO-RAIL to support axles. Available in different ID sizes to accommodate axle sizes from 4mm - 8mm.

1304 Series 6mm Bore Face Tapped Clamping D-Hub

Clamp onto your axles for maximum hold. 6mm D-Bore means your axles will not rotate in the hub.

Clamp this hub before mounting wheels/gears/etc to the threaded holes. Screw accepts a 2.5mm hex.

No slip, no set screw, no more grooves in your axles.

6mm D-Shaft

High quality D-shafts in various lengths.