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1500 Series 1mm Thick Wall Plastic Spacer (12 Pack)

A spacer that can be placed under a bearing to keep it from rubbing on a beam or between a bearing and an axle clamp or hub. Available in a selection of sizes.

1601 SERIES 14mm OD Bearings (2 Pack)

Bearings with a 14mm OD that fit into the large holes in beams and also in the end of GO-RAIL to support axles. Available in different ID sizes to accommodate axle sizes from 4mm - 8mm.

1304 Series 6mm Bore Face Tapped Clamping D-Hub

Clamp onto your axles for maximum hold. 6mm D-Bore means your axles will not rotate in the hub.

Clamp this hub before mounting wheels/gears/etc to the threaded holes. Screw accepts a 2.5mm hex.

No slip, no set screw, no more grooves in your axles.

6mm D-Shaft

High quality D-shafts in various lengths.