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Classroom Resource Set

Need more parts? More is better. Expand your Base Set part count and build bigger and better robots with the Classroom Resource Set. •Over 450 parts •Wheels •Beams & Joiners •Gears •XL Beams & C -Channel

Competition Resource Set

Our 3D build system just got bigger. Use the new C - Channel, XL Beams and Joiners to make your robots competition ready. •Over 350 parts •C - Channel •XL Beams & Joiners •Omni Wheels •High Torque Motors


Everything you need to start working with our innovative 3D build system. Just add a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and you’re ready to start building. •Over 750 parts •Motors & Servos •Polycarbonate Gears •Controller •Battery & Charger •Tools •Carrying case & sorting trays

MATRIX FTC Competition Set 2015-2017

New for 2015 - 2016, a special expanded set for FIRST FTC teams containing more parts, more motors and other parts making this expanded set perfect for any FTC team.