The Fusion controller is at the heart of the new MyBot Education series from Modern Robotics.  The MyBot Education series offers a complete solution for the classroom.  Click here to learn more about the MyBot Education series.

The key features of the Fusion include;

  •          No software to install
  •          Does not need to be connected to a PC or laptop
  •          Use any PC, tablet or other device that has Wi-Fi and a browser
  •          Does not require network access or internet access
  •          Program in Blockly, a graphical language, or Python, the most used language to teach coding. 
  •          Use Fusion as a robot controller, a coding platform or a data logger

How it worksLaptop and robot

When the Fusion controller is turned on it loads the Fusion Operating System, FusionOS, which starts by configuring the Fusion as a Wi-Fi hotspot.  FusionOS then starts an on-board Web Server.  Any device such as a PC, laptop computer, tablet, iPad or phone, with Wi-Fi capability and a web browser, can connect to the Fusion and through the browser log on, create, edit and run programs to control the robot. 

The Fusion can also deliver curriculum, building instructions, programming reference manuals and other material directly to the user’s device.  

FUSION HELP -  Click here to access the Fusion help file

FUSION DOCUMENTATION - Click here for the complete Fusion Documentation