Robot Building Hardware

Modern Robotics carries a comprehensive range of building components for building both large and small robots.  Everything from beams, extrusions, plates, bearings, fasteners, wheels and rollers, just for starters.

GoBILDA building system has a wide range of beams, plates and extrusions that are complemented with industrial strength bearings, axles and more than 250 different parts giving the flexibility to build mechanical frames and mechanisms unmatched in this market.   GoBILDA is based on a metric pattern of holes on 8mm spacing with a 24mm repeating pattern. 

The Matrix Robotics System is a metal building system with a wide selection of different parts, all designed from the ground up as a 3D building system allowing you to build and stay on grid in 3 dimensions.  Matrix is based on an 8mm hole pattern so is compatible with goBILDA and LEGO Technic.