Core Device Interface Module

The Core Device Interface has 26 ports to connect an array of sensors and devices that can be digital, analog or I2C input and/or output.
SKU: AUA3030

The Core Device Interface (CDI) connects external sensors and other devices to an Android device.  With a total of 26 port connections divided into 5 general classes, the CDI gives a conveneint way to attach a wide range of Modern Roboitc sensors, or brew your own devices and control your world.

The port categories are PWM, I2C, Analog Input, Digital Input/Output, and Analog Output.

The Core Device Interface enables the host Android or PC programs to independently access each connected device.

What's Included

1 Core Device Interface Module
1 USB Cable - USB A to mini


PWM (2)

Pulse Width Modulation creates a 5v logic level variable mark/space waveform. 16 bit timers with 1 µS resolution are used for both the pulse repetition time and pulse width, permitting a wide range of frequencies and pulse.


I2C Bus (6, expandable)

I2C protocol can read sensors with arrays of data like the IR Seeker V3 at 100kbps with a 27byte data buffer.


Analog Input (8)


Analog Inputs can read analog sensors like the Optical Distance Sensor which returns a voltage between 0 and 5V to be converted to a 10 bit value between 0 and 1023. All Inputs are sampled 1/ms.


Digital Input/Output (8)


Digital I/O can be in a read or write mode. Read will allow you to determine the logic level of the sensor. Write will allow you to turn on or off 5V.


Analog Output (2)

Analog Out provides a voltage between -4V and +4V at 1mA by either a DC, sin wave, square wave, or triangle wave output at 0-8KHz with a 1.0k ohm resistor current limiter.




Core Device Interface Specification

Last updated 4/20/2015. 1.66MB PDF File

5 volts DC. 200 mA max.
Individual port power
Total port power
5 volts DC, 150mA max.
Recommended devices
Core compatible devices.
USB 5v current consumption
200 mA max.
USB compatibility
USB 1.0, USB 2.0
Required USB driver
USB connection method
USB connector
USB mini, pin 5 (+5v connection) used as main power supply.
Port control modes, digital
Digital port input or output control - logic 0 or logic 1.
Analog input port
0 – 5 volts via 10 bit analog to digital converter
Analog output port
-4 –+4 volts at 1mA
Analog output port modes
DC, sine, square or triangle
Analog output frequency
Frequency range 0 – 8
I2C port
100KHz, with maximum
27 byte
data buffer per port
PWM port
Repetition time and pulse width 1 - 65535µS
Digital connector
Pin 1 – Gnd, pin 2 – +5 volts, pin 3 – digital signal
Digital signaling levels
Logic 0 – 0 volts, logic 1 – 5 volts
Digital current limiting resistor
220 ohm
Digital Current Limit 
Analog input connector
Pin 1 – Gnd, pin 2 – +5 volts, pin 3 – analog signal
Analog input configuration
2.2k ohm resistor series, 1.0M ohm to ground
Analog output connector
Pin 1 – Gnd, pin 2 – analog signal
Analog output current limiting resistor
1.0k ohm resistor
Analog Output Current Limit
PWM connector
Pin 1 – Gnd, pin 2 – +5 volts, pin 3 – digital output
PWM logic levels
Logic 0 – 0 volts, Logic 1 – 5 volts
PWM current limiting resistor
220 ohm
PWM Current Limit 
I2C connector
Pin 1 – Gnd, pin 2 – SCL, pin 3 – SDA, pin 4 - +5 volts
I2C signaling
100KHz clock with 5v logic levels.
I2C configuration
47 ohm
series resistor, 4.7k ohm pull-up resistor
Unit dimensions – LxWxH
72 x 73 x 16.2 millimeters
Unit weight
45 grams

Core Device Interface Ports and Wiring

Wire Orientation

All Modern Roboitcs sensor connecting wiring, both The Ground wire (black wire) always plugs in on the right side along the black stripe.  Analog and digital connections are three wire and are signal (Yellow) +5V (red) and Ground (Black).  I2C connections are 4 wire, +5V (red), Data (Yellow), Clock (White) Ground (Black).  Sensor wire packs are available for connecting your own sensors.


Sensor connectors have a 0.1” (2.54mm) spacing. 20 – 26 gauge wire is recommended. Sensor cables can be purchased from to connect custom sensors.

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