Core Power Distribution Module

The Modern Robotics Core Power Distribution Module incorporates a 7 port USB hub and 6 x 12v power distribution terminals to support power and USB connections for up to 7 Core USB modules.
SKU: AUP3010
The Modern Robotics Core Power Distribution Module incorporates a 7 port USB 2.0 hub and 6 x 12v power distribution terminals with Anderson PowerPole® connectors.  The Power Distribution Module offers a convenient and safe way to wire your robot's 12v supply from the battery to all motor, servo and other modules that require 12v.  All modules are protected by a 20A replaceable fuse and an integrated on/off switch. Link to

Included with the Power Distribution Module is 1 On-The-Go cable to connect the module to an Android device.  The OTG cable is USB micro to USB mini.

What's Included

1 Core Power Distribution Module 45-2200
1 OTG Micro-to-Mini USB Cable 45-1122


9 – 15 volts DC. 20 amps max.
Individual power port power
Sum of all ports not to exceed maximum power limit
Total power port power limit
9 – 15 volts DC. 18A max.
Number of power ports
6 max.
USB 5v hub port current supply
500 mA max.
Total USB 5v current available
4 amps max.
USB compatibility
USB 1.0, USB 2.0
USB main port connection
USB mini, no connection to pin 5 (+5v connection)
USB hub port connection
USB type A
Unit dimensions – LxWxH
96 x 105 x 24 millimeters
Unit weight
138 grams



12V – Indicates 12v supply is connected and the power switch is on.
5V – Indicates the 5v power supply is operating and supplying 5v to the USB ports.
3.3V – Indicates the 3.3 volt supply to the internal electronics is operating.
USB Enabled – Indicates a host device is connected to the USB input port.

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