The Fusion controller is at the heart of the new MyBot Education series from Modern Robotics.  The MyBot Education series is a complete solution for the classroom.  Click here to learn more about the MyBot Education series.

Fusion is an innovative approach to a robotics controller that is configured, programmed and controlled using a web browser so there is no software to install.  

Fusion is in a custom housing to protect the electronics.  No bare circuit boards to destroy.

Use a desktop, laptop or tablet to connect directly to the Fusioni using WI-FI and write, store and run programs from your device.    You do not need a wireless network or access to the internet.  

Click here for more details and specifications.

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Fusion Controller

The Fusion Controller is an innovative new robotics controller based on a Raspberry Pi 3 processor that comes pre-loaded with all the software, documentation and other material needed and is ready to go out of the box. Best of all there is nothing to install on your PC, laptop or tablet. Fire up your Fusion Controller, connect to it over WIFI, load a browser, log in and you are ready to start programming.

Fusion Base Kit

The Fusion Base Kit contains everything needed to build a great working robot including the Fusion Controller, battery, battery charger, motors, 3 sensors and build system. The Fusion Controller is a powerful and innovative design that can be up and running in minutes, with no software to install on your PC or laptop.

Battery pack 6v

6v rechargeable battery pack for Fusion and Spartan controllers as well as other applications.

6v Battery Charger - US

6v Battery Charger for Fusion and Spartan Controllers. Can also be used for other applications.

Fusion Power Regulator Kit

The Power regulator Kit enables the Fusion Controller to be powered from a 12v rechargeable battery such as those used for FIRST FTC competitions. A great way to use your FTC platforms and program in Python and Blocks.