Integrating Gyro

The Modern Robotics 3 Axis Integrating Gyro returns the rate of rotation for the x, y, and z axes as well as heading information from the z axis.
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The Modern Robotics Integrating Gyro sensor reads rate of rotation around the X, Y and Z axes.  The sensor also calculates a heading based on movment around the Z axis.  The heading value is great for navigation and shows the current heading in degrees from 0 - 359 from a point where the heading value was reset to zero. 

The heading is calculated in the sensor by the onboard microcontroller which reads the gyro sensor Z axis output approximately 760 times per second.  Performing the heading calculations within the sensor provides much greater accuracy than can be achieved if the calculation was done by the host. The heading value can be reset to zero at any time.

There is an LED in the sensor that blinks at 1Hz during normal operation and will remain on during a null and reset operations.

Default I2C address 0x20 (0x10 7-bit).



Steering with the Modern Robotics gyro – an introduction

This article is a low-tech introduction to steering a robot autonomously using the new Modern Robotics Integrating Gyro sensor. The focus here is learning, rather than simply providing copy-and-paste code. Examples are given mostly in pseudocode which can be adapted for languages such as Java, RobotC, C++, etc. Credit to FTC team 9804 Bomb Squad.

Last updated 1/22/2016. 163KB PDF File



I2C Registers

Sensor Firmware Revision
Manufacturer Code
Sensor ID Code
Heading Data (lsb:msb)
Integrated Z Value (lsb:msb)
Raw X Value (lsb:msb)
Raw Y Value (lsb:msb)
Raw Z Value (lsb:msb)
Z Axis Offset (lsb:msb)
Z Axis Scaling Coefficient (lsb:msb)



 Command  Operation
 0x00  Normal measurement mode
 0x4E  Null gyro offset and reset Z axis integrator
 0x52  Reset Z axis integrator
 0x57  Write EEPROM data


5 Volt DC 20mA max
Standard 4 Pin Connector
4 Pin I2C Port
Logic Voltage Levels
Logic 0 - 0 Volts
Logic 1 – 5 Volts
Wiring Diagram
Black - Ground
White - SCL
Yellow - SDA
Red - +5V
I2C Address
I2C Address Change Option
I2C Bus Speed
100KHz max
Axis of Rotation
X, Y, Z
Unit Dimensions - LxWxH
32 x 32 x 12 Millimeters
Mounting Holes
24 x 24 Millimeter Square Pattern (8mm grid)
Unit Weight
10 Grams
Wire Length
25 Centimeters


Sensor Documentation

All the information you need about
Modern Robotics Sensors in one document.

PDF File

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