Optical Distance Sensor

The Optical Distance Sensor, or ODS, detects changes in the distance from a target surface using pulsed light.
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The Optical Distance Sensor uses a pulsed light signal to return a value representing the distance from a target surface.  As the distance from the target changes the returned value changes indicating whether the movement is towards the target or away from the target.

The ODS operates by pulsing an LED to illuminate the target surface and measuring the strength of the reflected signal. The returned value will vary for the same distance as the reflectivity of the target surface varies.  

Sample code available at modernroboticsedu.com using the link below.


5 volts DC. 20 mA max.
Standard 3 pin connector
For connection to 3 pin analog port
Signaling voltage levels
Analog 0 – 5 volts
Wiring standard
Pin 1 – black – Gnd
Pin 2 – red – +5v
Pin 3 – yellow – Analog output
Illumination LED color
Typical maximum range
8 centimeters
Typical minimum range
0.5 centimeters
Internal sampling rate
1,000 samples per second
Unit dimensions – LxWxH
32 x 32 x 12 millimeters
Mounting holes
24 x 24 millimeters square pattern
Unit weight
10 grams
Wire length
25 centimeters




Sensor Documentation

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