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HiTechnic NXT Acceleration / Tilt Sensor

Now you can make robots that know which way is up! The HiTechnic Accelerometer / Tilt Sensor measures acceleration in three axes. It also measures tilt along each axis. Using the sensor, you can measure the acceleration of your robot build robots in the range –2g to + 2g. Great for experimenting with acceleration forces in cars, on amusement rides, even on swing sets. This sensor will also tell you if your robot is level so you can build self-leveling robots and much more.

$54.95 $24.95

HiTechnic NXT Angle Sensor

Measure axle rotation position and rotation speed with the HiTechnic Angle Sensor. The Angle Sensor enables you to measure three rotation properties:
  • Absolute Angle – the rotation position of a rotating axle from 0 – 359 degrees with 1 degree accuracy
  • Accumulated angle - the accumulated number of degrees an axle has rotated
  • Rotation Speed - the speed of the axle rotation in RPM (revolutions per minute)
With its very low friction mechanism, the HiTechnic Angle Sensor is ideal for building models where accurate measurement of rotation properties of an axle is key. Perfect for building a distance measuring wheel or a weather station wind vane.
$54.95 $19.90

HiTechnic NXT Barometric Sensor

The NXT Barometric Sensor can be used as part of a weather station or to monitor altitude. The sensor can be used to read both atmospheric pressure and temperature. The pressure value from the sensor is in 1/1000th of inch Mercury (inHg) and the temperature is in 1/10th degree Celsius. The NXT-G block allows the NXT to read the pressure in either inHg or hPa (hectopascals) and temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. Once adjusted for current conditions, the block can also calculate altitude in feet or meters.

$54.95 $23.00

HiTechnic NXT Color Sensor V2

Add a spectrum of color to your models with the new and updated HiTechnic Color Sensor (Version 2). Detect an extended range of more than 15 target colors and program your NXT robot to react to each color. Build a color sorter to sort LEGO bricks or a line follower that will detect different color lines and surface colors. The HiTechnic Color Sensor is “tuned” to standard LEGO colors. When positioned over a surface, the Color Sensor will return a numeric value identifying the target color. The new Version 2 Color Sensor has enhanced performance including better color recognition and longer detection range. The NXT-G programming block can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

HiTechnic NXT Compass Sensor

Expand your NXT experiences with the new NXT Compass Sensor and add accurate navigation to your Mindstorms® NXT projects. The NXT Compass Sensor is a digital compass that measures the earth's magnetic field and outputs a value representing the current heading. The magnetic heading is calculated to the nearest 1° and returned as a number from 0 to 359. The NXT Magnetic Compass Sensor updates the heading 100 times per second. The Compass Sensor operates in two modes, Read mode and Calibrate mode. In Read mode, the current heading is calculated and returned each time to the NXT program executes a read command. In Calibrate mode the compass can be calibrated to compensate for externally generated magnetic field anomalies such as those that surround motors and batteries, thereby maintaining maximum accuracy.


HiTechnic NXT EOPD

Accurately detect objects and small changes in distance to a target with the HiTechnic EOPD. The EOPD or Electro-Optical Proximity Detector uses an internal light source to detect the presence of a target or determine changes in distance to a target. By generating its own light source, the EOPD is able to filter out all external light signals so as a robot moves from bright areas to dimly lit areas or through shadows, the EOPD automatically compensates and only returns a signal based on its own light source. Targets can be accurately detected over distances up to about 8 inches (20 cm), depending on the target size, shape and reflective qualities.
$54.95 $21.00

HiTechnic NXT Force Sensor

The NXT Force Sensor will enable you to build robots that can measure a physical force applied through a LEGO cross axle. The sensor has a LEGO cross axle receptacle and the value represents the force that is applied to an axle going into the sensor. Note that the force measured is the linear force going into the sensor.

This sensor can be thought of as an analog touch sensor. Unlike a touch sensor, which gives just a binary value indicating pressed or not-pressed, this sensor gives you a numeric value based on how hard the axle receptacle is pressed.

Note: The sensor value does not directly translate into force. With calibration the value can be used to determine the approximate weight of an object. Build the sensor into your robot so that the the weight of the object becomes a force pressing into the sensor. Now the sensor value can determine the weight of the object.

Ideal for use with the FTC 2012-2013 Ring It Up! challenge.

$39.95 $21.95

HiTechnic NXT IRLink Sensor

Control LEGO R/C trains and other motorized LEGO sets with the HiTechnic IRLink Sensor for the Mindstorms NXT. The IRLink uses Infrared signals to communicate with trains, Power Functions Motor controller and the Mindstorms RCX. Control the speed and direction of up to three LEGO R/C trains (7897 and 7898) and other sets including the new Technic Motorized Bulldozer (8275) and the Monster Dino (4958). The IRLink enables NXT programs to read values from RCX sensors and control motors connected to the RCX.
$54.95 $19.00

HiTechnic NXT IRReceiver Sensor

Control your NXT robot with the HiTechnic IR Receiver Sensor and a LEGO Power Functions IR Remote Control. The IRReceiver decodes commands from a Power Functions Remote Control and your NXT program can use the commands to directly control NXT motors or to control other functions in your program.
$49.95 $14.50

HiTechnic NXT IRSeeker V2

Play robot soccer and zero in on your infrared (IR) beacons with the new and enhanced IRSeeker V2 (Version 2). You can use most TV remotes and LEGO® Power Functions remotes as beacons that the IRSeeker V2 will detect. With a specially designed curved lens and five internal detectors, the IRSeeker V2 has a 240 degree view making it perfect for playing robot soccer with the HiTechnic IRBall. The IRSeeker V2 has enhanced modes that detect modulated IR signals, including the new RoboCup Jr stepped modulated mode, and it filters out background signals giving superior performance in brightly lit rooms and sunny locations. The sensor returns the signal direction and strength making it easy to locate and gauge the relative distance to the target. A winning robot soccer combination when combined with the HiTechnic NXT Compass Sensor!

HiTechnic NXT Magnetic Sensor

The NXT Magnetic Sensor will enable you to build robots that can detect magnetic fields. The sensor detects magnetic fields that are present around the front of the sensor in a vertical orientation.

Note: This is a special introductory price in our support for the FTC Challenge. The price will go up after the FTC Challenge season is over.

$22.95 $14.90

HiTechnic NXT PIR Sensor

Detect people or pets with the HiTechnic PIR Sensor. This Passive Infrared Sensor is similar to the sensors used on security lights that turn on when people or animals move in front of them. The sensor value reflects a change in the infrared radiation received within the field of view. Use it as a motion sensor for an alarm system or to trigger a camera when an animal passes by. With some more advanced building and programming, the sensor can also be used to track the direction to a warm person, animal, or object.
$54.95 $15.95